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Buy 50g of 3-CAF Online

Buy 50g of 3-CAF Online. 3-CAF and other synthetic cannabinoids sold on this website if you are intended for research and forensic applications. The research chemical called 3-CAF is a designer drug with pronounced physiological and psychoactive effects and has the molecular formula C24H15FN2O2. The formula weight has the value 382.4 g/mol. Buy 50g of 3-CAF Online. 50g of 3-CAF for sale Online


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Cyanogen fluoride (FCN), is synthesized by the pyrolysis of cyanuric fluoride (C3N3F3) at 1300 °C and 50mm pressure; this process gives a maximum of 50% yield. Other products observed were cyanogen and CF3CN.For pyrolysis, an induction heated carbon tube with an internal diameter of 0.75 inches is packed with 4 to 8 mesh carbon granules and is surrounded by graphite powder insulation and a water-jacketed shell. The cyanuric fluoride is pyrolyzed(becoming a pyrolysate) at a rate of 50g/hr, and appears as fluffy white solid collected in liquid nitrogen traps. These liquid nitrogen traps are filled to atmospheric pressure with nitrogen or helium. This process yields crude cyanogen fluoride, which is then distilled in a glass column at atmospheric pressure to give pure cyanogen fluoride.

Another method of synthesizing cyanogen fluoride is by the fluorination of cyanogen. Nitrogen trifluoride can fluoridate cyanogen to cyanogen fluoride when both the reactants are injected downstream into the nitrogen arc plasma. With carbonyl fluoride and carbon tetrafluoride, FCN was obtained by passing these fluorides through the arc flame and injecting the cyanogen downstream into the arc plasma.


Cyanogen fluoride (FCN) is a toxic colorless gas. The linear molecule has a molecular mass of 45.015 gmol−1 Cyanogen fluoride has a boiling point of -46.2 °C and a melting point of -82 °C. The stretching constant for the CN bond was 17.5 mdyn/A and for the CF bond it was 8.07 mdyn/A, but this can vary depending on the interaction constant.At room temperature, the condensed phase converts rapidly to polymeric materials.Liquid FCN explodes at -41 °C when initiated by a squib.

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